Pit Type Dependant 2 & 3 Level – Electromechanical

RR Parkon


  • This is a Dependent parking system
  • This system can be designed for 2 level and 3 level configuration
  • Ground + PIT combination : While unloading the PIT level car, GF car has to be removed
  • 2 level Dependent used where ground level heights are lesser and PIT level is possible – at such locations these system are more efficient
  • 3 Level Dependent are installed where there is 2 cars’ height available above the ground and 1 level is in the pit car parking thereby increasing the efficiency of the system
  • 3 Level Dependent has 2 separate motors – one for the pit level and the other one for the first level pallet
  • 3 level Dependent has a sensor arrangement on the ground floor to ensure the safety for the ground floor cars while giving command for the PIT and FIRST level floors’ cars
  • The 3 pallets widths are defined as per the shaft’s widths available
  • Normally first floor pallet will be of lesser width than the ground floor and pit floor pallet width
  • These can be installed for residential as well as commercial properties
  • The system can be designed for 2 Ton and 2.5 Ton capacity
  • Single geared motor is used in this system with the help of wire rope and chain mechanism
  • Both the ground floor and pit floor pallets are connected to each other
  • The pallets are with GI sheet as center sheet and side members as MS/GI as per the payload capacity
  • Normally this system is installed INDOOR under the building with the required protections given as covering to the motor
  • Power supply till the control panel is compulsory with required protections
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