A wide array of questions, right from the basic concept of an automated car parking system to the details of its operational dynamics has been covered here.
Automated car parking system is a mechanism that uses a system of pallets, lifts to automate parking and retrieving of cars. Such systems extend vertically, increasing the floor area and volume, to overcome space constraints. They allow you to maximise the parking, and thus accommodate more number of cars in a small space or reduce the space needed to park the same number of cars or allow car parking where previously there would have been no room. Automated car parks can be situated above or below ground or a combination of both, and designed to accommodate any number of cars.
The different types of car parking systems we provide represent a simple, practical and affordable solution to any property, including small housing societies.
Our parking system is design to accommodate standard vehicles having length of 5300mm, width 2150mm, height of 1550mm, and weight of 1800Kg. But if the customer requires, we can design a system for specific car dimensions. SUV's and MUV'S contribute around 3% of the market and hence we design 10% space for SUV'S on surface parking. But if required, a specific solution can be provided for MUV'S and SUV'S in the system.
Automated car parking systems can be installed in any location like under stilts, on podiums, in basements, on rooftops, over open grounds, on terraces, or in driveways.
While our parking solutions are long lasting, the lifetime of an automated mechanical parking system depends on the type of system, its use, and maintenance. A complete overhaul may need to be carried out after 15-20 years of operation.
The safety and security built into the daily operation of our systems are unsurpassed. We provide operation and maintenance manuals as well as training for client personnel.
The cost depends on the exact numbers of vehicles stored and the specific system installed. Local authorities may have additional requirements of fire fighting, ventilation, and lighting. Our aim is to design a system suitable to the client’s budget and requirement to keep costs at a minimum. Power consumption begins from 15 paisa per parking or retrieval, depending on the system selected by the customer.
We provide after-sales service such as maintenance and warranty. We usually train few people at site to handle small emergencies. Our maintenance team is only a telephone call away, and we generally carry sufficient spares at our central ware house to service all systems.
This system is an independent free standing structure which can be installed indoor as well as outdoor. We can provide details of foundation preferred for installing the system. Foundation needs to be installed by the client in consultation with the structural engineer. For longer life, it is advisable to cover the system with a canopy.
There are more than 14 Systems available and depending on space available, the system is designed. Most of the systems are multiples of 6.2 meters. X 2.5 meters. Minimum drive way of 6 meters is required for smooth parking.
While there is no upper limit of the maximum numbers of cars that can be accommodated in an automated parking system, the numbers depend on the available area and the parking system adapted. Currently, some of the world’s largest automated parking facilities hold around 2000 cars, including our on-going project for Bharti Realty Limited (Airtel) that is designed to accommodate more than 2000 cars.
Automated car parking systems can be built above ground, underground, inside a building, on top of a building or under a building. Our systems are well prepared, coated with layers that offer protection and adapted to almost any operating environment to withstand all aspects of environmental conditions but regular greasing, painting, maintenance and upkeep is of utmost importance for optimum protection. Efficient structural integration is crucial to the maximum functioning of the system. For example, continuous exposure to severe salt spray / seawater or poorly designed drainage and floor slope can create long term maintenance problems. Our team of experts can consult the client’s structural engineer during planning and construction.
The System is user friendly and any person with knowledge of minimum instructions can operate the system at site. Our team can train the client local staff to operate the system.
The standard procedure applicable to get permission from relevant authorities for conventional parking system is applicable for automated car parking system, too. We can work as a catalyst.
In case of a power failure, cars can be retrieved with a backup power generator.