RR Parkon has been pioneering the automated car parking industry since
the past 20 years. The brand has innovated and broken records in the last 20 years of its journey

First to introduce

The concept of automated car parking in India with Tower and Puzzle Parking in Mumbai, India
Twin Parking System
First standalone Tower Parking system in Pune
Innovated and installed India's first successful 2-in-pit Puzzle Parking System in 2010 for a hospitality brand
Launched Indigenous Mini Rotary System for an automobile company
A new variant - Shuttle Parking system
One of a kind 3 in pit puzzle parking system in 2016 accommodating 30 cars

Our Other Remarkable Feats

  • We have introduced more than 19 VARIANTS of automated car parking system along with customisation
  • Built ASIA’S LARGEST Over Ground Puzzle parking system accommodating 2200 CARS in 2014
  • Up scaled to INDIA'S LARGEST STATE-OF-ART MANUFACTURING FACILITY for automated multilevel car parking system in 2018
  • INDIA'S TALLEST tower parking system is in the making in 2021 which is 91 M. IN HEIGHT
  • We have successfully completed more than 1500 projects in India and across the globe
  • Installed xyz car pallets since 2001