Manufacturing Facilities - RR Parkon
Manufacturing Facilities
We deliver only the highest quality products, made possible by our state of the art manufacturing plant, and innovative design centre, which work seamlessly to help us achieve this. Our rich, experienced engineering work force – combined with the newest 3D design technologies – provides the most advanced products and solutions possible. The accuracy of the design teamed with the high quality of the materials used in the manufacture of the unit and the high end surface finish make our products unfailing and long lasting. We lay special emphasis on constantly increasing product quality and reliability, with highest regard for safety regulations.

Engineering Design

One of the main factors that have contributed throughout to our quality products is the innovations at our research and design centre in Pune. It is an active centre having a team of design engineers of high-level scientific background, including automation and control specialists, who work towards constantly improving all our products with leading edge design and technology.

Right from the inception of RR Parkon, we focused on having a team that leads market research and requirements, with a constant search for and application of new technologies.

We follow the most appropriate way of developing a new product: full study and design, production of prototype, quality control and testing, zero production, final quality control and testing, and regular production. Each new design for a product is tested in real conditions, enabling our engineers to substantiate and perfect it, prior to its accession to full production.