ANJUM SAYYED - Designing Executive - RR Parkon
Designation: Designing Executive
Working in RR Global is one of the best places where you get to grow your talents beyond expectations. They gave me the opportunity to create something useful, tracking important element of an important issue, autonomy & multidisciplinary work. Their trust in us is what helps us take up challenging assignments and build a strong bond within the team.

One of the most memorable events for me was the Ram Ratna Day, where we all got an opportunity to celebrate and participate in various contests.

VAIDEHI - Backend Executive - RR Parkon
Designation: Backend Executive
I love working at RR Parkon. It is one of the friendly companies that I have worked so far. I got an opportunity to work with the best team and with their support I have learnt a lot on the job. I started as an intern and grew further in my profile through the positive attitude of my team.

I have participated in many events, but the most memorable one was the Ram Ratna Day. Everyone unites together to celebrate this day and participate with full vigour.

The work culture is really enthusiastic. There are always opportunities which give youngsters like us a great platform to build a good career ahead. The mentors make it easier to analyze your inner capabilities and work harder for it and succeed within the company.

Being in the market of multi-level car parking system in the Customer Service Department is like satisfying the Customer needs. As said “Service Driven is Success Driven” which takes my success to a next level which is the most rewarding part in itself. I appreciate the opportunity to realize my full potential and encouraging working culture.

Ram Ratna Day was simply outstanding. Everyone enthusiastically participated in full vigour, which also brought us together. This even helped us take that one step ahead to get to know others from different departments in the company. Such events bring us closer that eventually helps in company’s growth. I am proud to be a part of this wonderful organization.