Pit Puzzle Parking System

RR Parkon


  • These system are available in two variants:
    • Electromechanically operated system
    • Hydraulically Operated Systems
  • In - Dependent Type of functionality 
  • The system can be designed for 2T and 2.5 T capacity
  • With Electromechanical up to 3 levels below ground can be possible 
  • Hydraulic are available for Ground + Pit Level combinations 
  • The vehicle heights, widths and lengths can be customized 
  • Preferably indoor installation, if outdoor enclosure to be provided by client
  • The maximum span can be 8 grids and 6 levels
  • Suitable for INDOOR and OUTDOOR Installations with cladding
  • The cladding and roofing is compulsory to ensure protection from rain water and direct exposure to open conditions. 
  • The overall parking sizes can be planned suitable for SEDAN, SUV, and COMBINATION as per the project requirement.
  • The PIT requires sump is compulsory to be provided by client 
Download Datasheet