Pit Puzzle – Electromechanical System

RR Parkon

PIT PUZZLE – Electromechanical System

  • This is an Independent parking system
  • System can be designed for combination of 2 Ton & 2.5 Ton payload capacities
  • Can be used for more than 2 levels up to 5 levels above ground with a combination of 1 in Pit Level , 2 In Pit Level , 3 In Pit level
  • The maximum span can be 8 grids, 6 levels above and 3 levels below
  • Above ground TOP level will have complete occupancy and all the other levels till ground floor will have one empty space, the PIT 1/2/3 levels will have complete occupancy of the cars
  • When 1/2/3 Pit level systems are provided then respective minimum level combination above the ground is compulsory e.g. 2 levels in Pit then GF + 1 level above is compulsory, that much height has to be maintained since the PIT levels’ pallets are attached with each other and bottom most level car when comes to the ground floor the space above is a must
  • Main frame structure is of steel columns, cross members and connecting bracing
  • Safety bars are provided at every parking slots except for the TOP floor
  • Maximum entry space available since vertical columns are placed after 3 parking lots
  • The overall lifting is done by Wire rope and Chain as per the configuration
  • The geared motor with break systems are used to drive the sprockets and chain
  • The pallet gets lifted with the center of gravity with suspended wire ropes to vertical heights
  • The cross transfers are with the help of smaller motors
  • The Ground floor pallets only moves LEFT and RIGHT
  • The TOP floors pallets only moves UP and DOWN
  • Intermediate floors pallets can move LEFT/RIGHT and UP/DOWN
  • The PIT Level pallets 1/2/3 levels will always move UP/DOWN with a much heavier motor compared to the other motors within the system
  • All the GROUND floor & TOP floor pallets have one single motor
  • The intermediate parking pallets/trolley have two motors each – one for lifting and one for transfer
  • These systems can be installed in open spaces as well as within the buildings
  • The cladding and roofing is compulsory to ensure protection from rain water and direct exposure to open conditions
  • The overall parking sizes can be planned that will be suitable for SEDAN, SUV, and COMBINATION as per the project requirement
  • This is a PLC operated system with HMI/Push Button type user interface
  • Both AUTO and MANUAL modes are available
  • Power supply till the control panel is compulsory with required protections
  • Preferable to have the foundation bolts inserted at the time of foundation civil work
  • Front Entry sensor is available for the required safety during the operations of the systems
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