Electromechanical Twin Parking

RR Parkon

ETP – Electromechanical Twin Park

  • 4 column based self-supporting parking system
  • Wire rope for is used balancing and Chain is used for lifting
  • Centre lifting system for the pallet and the car
  • Equipped with individual geared motors with inbuilt brake system
  • Ten key operation with key switch along with an emergency button
  • Combined column can be possible for multiple units to increase effective floor space
  • A Pallet size 2100 mm for the width can be given in the parking slot plan of 5000 x 2500
  • Can be used in outdoor and indoor installations
  • Electrical supply to the system control panel to be provided by client with required protections
  • An inbuilt feature of the diagonal sensor
  • The Sensor and limit switch mechanism is provided for the required STOP positions UP/DOWN
  • All the systems can be operated independently
  • The orientation of the car is smooth
  • The speed of lifting is around 8mtr/min
Download Datasheet