Shuttle Parking System

RR Parkon


  • The floor space can be increased with the help of shuttle parking system and independent parking system
  • The Shuttle parking system can be provided with 2 type of configuration as below:
    • Steel Structure Based – Above ground/below ground
    • RCC floor based – Above ground/below ground
  • The Shuttle parking system also has two variants as far as the car orientations are concerned – Lengthwise placement and widthwise placement
  • As per the space availability the configuration can be defined
  • The system can be designed for 2 Ton or 2.5 Ton capacities
  • As per the traffic flow and sites drive arrangements, lift locations are very much critical and important to define
  • The placement of the lifts make the system efficient and leads to easy movement of the vehicles in line with the building plans
  • This system can normally be used 3-4 levels below the ground and up to the 40 mtrs above the ground
  • Entry and Exits can be at different levels
  • The ENTRY module is equipped with all the AUTO mechanism which checks the car’s working envelops as designated and raise an alarm if any oversize vehicle arrives
  • System ENTRY is equipped with AUTODOOR at the entrance and OPENS/CLOSES when the command is given on the HMI/OPERATING panels by the operator/user
  • The floor storage pitch can be designed for Small/Sedan/HatchBack/MUV/SUV cars heights
  • The lift can run from 30/40/50/60/90 mtrs. Min speed, as per the levels
  • The lift has one inbuilt mechanism which is used for sliding the pallets from lift to parking slots and reverse as well
  • The turn table can be provided to change the orientation of the cars for the required EXIT orientation and to save the time during the exit as well
  • There is always a shuttle which runs in the middle way which is used to PULL/PUSH the car from the LIFT and the parking slots
  • As per the local CFO norms – Fire Compliances required to be checked such as fire retardant steel (1hr/2 Hr), Fire painted structure, fire resistance cable, additional pallet thickness if any – to be checked and accordingly the scope of supply can be worked out
  • External cladding, roofing, Fire sprinklers, extended fire stair case, extended platforms if any are to be provided by client
  • Ground floor additional door to be provided by client for OPERATOR/USERS Entry and exit
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