Mini Rotary Parking System

RR Parkon


  • This is an independent and automatic parking system
  • Dedicated location for the ENTRY/EXIT of the car
  • This system is works on the clockwise/anticlockwise direction with the help of single motor
  • The rotary movement in O loop is by the heavier chain with positive locking with the help of driving and driven sprocket
  • With this system, 8/10/12/14 cars can be parked in place of 2 cars
  • Capacity of 2000 Kgs for 12 SUV model cars
  • Capacity of 1800 kgs for 14 SEDAN model cars
  • This can be installed OUTDOOR/INDOOR with the required protections given as covering to the motor
  • Same side entry and exit, One side entry and other exit is possible
  • Back to back two modules can be installed to increase the capacity
  • Heavy Steel frame on the front side and rear side are connected with each other and with the pallet
  • Pallets moves in the given slot with the help of free roller like conveyor
  • Shortest time logic is available while unloading the car to reduce the cycle time
  • Power supply till the control panel is compulsory with required protections
Download Datasheet