Horizontal Circulation Parking System

RR Parkon


  • This is an independent and automatic parking system
  • Dedicated location for the ENTRY/EXIT of the car
  • The system is preferably designed for the Car entry at the TOP i.e the ground floor and parking system BELOW i.e under the ground floor
  • The most suitable plots for the systems are which are rectangular and have very limited access and probably only where one access is possible
  • The ENTRY module is equipped with all the AUTO mechanism which checks the car working envelops as designated and raise the alarm if any oversize vehicles arrives,
  • System ENTRY is equipped with AUTODOOR at the entrance and OPENS/CLOSES when the command is given on the HMI/OPERATING panels by the operator/user
  • This system is suitable for a maximum of 40 -44 cars
  • There two lifts – Main lift and other one is the sub lift which is actually used for the horizontal movement of the pallets which are placed in the rack structure
  • The Lifts have an in built slot connected to lifting and lowering chain which stop as per the pitch defined in line with the number of levels and sizes of the car
  • The maximum allowable parking height for all the floors has to be same
  • The pallets are interlocked with each other and move by single motor at each level
  • The indexing is monitored in such a way that the defined location is achieved accurately
  • The cycle time is more than the other automatic system since a pallet wise circulation takes time
  • Same side Entry/Exit, One side Entry and Other Side Exit is also possible
  • Smart System can be provided – such as an RFID based system can also given
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