Car Lifts Parking System

RR Parkon


  • These are typical vertical transportation systems for the cars
  • There are two type of systems that we have
    • TRACTION TYPE – If the Travel is more than 20 mtrs.
    • HYDRAULIC TYPE - Up to the Travel 20 mtrs.
  • The car lift allows the human transportation along with the car to reach from one level to other level
  • Where there are mix pattern parking arrangement given by customer instead of a civil ramp, dedicated car lifts are used and there are multiple floors used for parking the vehicles
  • This system can be given 2 Ton,2.5 Ton & 3 Ton capacity
  • This is PWD certified product with all the required compliances inbuilt such as:
    • ARD Devices
    • Safety governor
    • Two side operating panel
    • Emergency switch for STOP
    • The ceiling fan with internal lights
    • Intercom for communication in case of urgency
    • Safety sensors for internal working envelope of the car cabin especially for the length
    • Car cabin individual doors
    • Floor doors separate with Operating panel
    • GREEN and RED lighting at every floor
    • Overload safety mechanism
    • Buffer springs in the lift pit and
    • Electrical points and illuminated RCC shaft with white wash
  • The doors can be given SS finish or can be powder coated, with 2 panel/3 panel/vertical opening/horizontal opening
  • The car cabin also can be given the SS finish or can be powder coated
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