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Parking it Right

First Automated Car Parking Project in North East India - RR Parkon
An incredible amount of strain is put on present day infrastructure due to rapid growth of metro cities. This fuels the need for design innovations that include safe and easy parking solutions. Experts in offering a variety of parking solutions, RR Parkon was one of the first companies to in­troduce an automated multilevel car parking system in the country that revolutionized the industry by maximizing parking capacity in a minimum required space. Started in the year 2001, RR Parkon gained popularity over the years making it one of the most respectable and the largest car parking companies in the industry. The brand offers 19 variants of car parking systems that can park up to an impressive 60 cars in the space of three.

Car Parking System - RR Parkon
It has over 1200 completed projects in India and serviced clients in Nepal, Myanmar, Uganda, and Sri Lanka. RR Parkon is in the process of completing the world's largest Puzzle Parking System at a single location for Bharti Realty Limited (Airtel) in New Delhi that has a capacity of over 2200 cars. The brand has been associated with some of the largest infrastructure projects across India, however, one of their most sought-after association was with Kanakia Developers with the prestigious 'The Kanakia Wall Street'. This project is an en­semble of various systems, puzzle parking, stack parking and tower parking, through which nearly 600 cars can find parking in 20% of the required space thereby bringing down construction costs and time for the developer.

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