RR Parkon Do's and Dont's

RR Parkon

DO’s & Dont’s

Once you install RR Parkon’s indigenous parking solution,
here’s what you need to know about.


  • Ensure systems and their surrounding area clean.
  • Use rodent repellent around the system.
  • Make sure the system is operated only by a trained operator.
  • In case you observe any irregularity in the operation of the system, please immediately stop the usage and contact our customer representative.
  • Ensure that the system is protected from water at all times.
  • Systems are to be used only for parking 4 wheelers.
  • Only the driver is allowed to enter the system while parking or retrieval of cars.
  • Ensure that the outside rearview mirrors are closed, the car is locked, the antenna retracted or removed and the hand-brake is engaged while parking the car in system.
  • Ensure that the car is parked properly on to the system.


  • Do not eat food on the pallet or near the system.
  • Do not wash cars on the system.
  • Do not operate the system in bypass mode or by manually pressing any limit switch or sensor.
  • Do not operate the system in service, semi-auto or manual mode.
  • Do not open the control panel or operate the system from control panel directly.
  • Do not change any wiring or circuits in the control panel.
  • Do not try to repair a breakdown on your own.
  • Do not place trash bins in or around the system.
  • Make sure there is no children's play area in the vicinity of the system.