Automated Car Parking Tower in South Delhi

RR Parkon

First of its kind Automated Car Park Tower Erected at Green Park South Delhi

136 cars can be accommodated in RR Parkon’s hi-tech car parking facility Delhi, 2021: RR Parkon successfully built Delhi’s first and only automated car parking system at Green Park South Delhi. This facility is spread over an area of just 217 square meters and the two towers were built and installed in a period of 10 months. The system has four towers each of 39.50 meters height with 17 levels to accommodate 34 cars. Vertical in structure and built of steel it will present a futuristic vista. The parking facility by RR Parkon is the most feasible new-age parking system that deals with the ever-increasing demand for car parking in South Delhi and other metro cities in India. The operation and maintenance cost of the automated parking sysem is much lower than conventional parking facilities. The retrieval time of vehicles is just three minutes, in comparison to 15 minutes in conventional parking facilities. There is zero pollution and no fuel consumption in the tower parking. An automated ticket dispenser with a boom barrier has been added at entry and exit of the Tower. The parking charges are tentatively Rs. 20 per hour, Rs. 100 for 24 hours, Rs 1,200 for a monthly pass to park during the day and Rs. 2,000 for a day and night pass for a month. This sort of vertical parking is most appropriate for over populated areas and clogged up public spaces as it requires just 1.50 square meter space to park a car, in comparison to 30sqaure meter required in traditional parking. The multilevel parking is also equipped with public waiting area, babysitting and washrooms. With the rapid emergence of Big Tech, Mobile Apps, Open Data, and Automated Car Parking Systems, we can imagine a future with less congestion on our roads and excellent convenience for drivers.