Car Parking Solution Provider in India - RR Parkon

RR Global, one of India’s largest and most prominent conglomerates in the electrical industry has a noteworthy presence in more than 80 countries across the world. Head Quartered in Mumbai, we manufacture products ranging from Cables & Wires, Busducts, Electricals and Electromechanical Parking Solutions.

As the country grows so does the population putting an incredible amount of strain on present day infrastructure,  this includes safe and easy parking solutions. This is where RR Parkon comes in.  RR Parkon is the first company to build an Automated Multilevel car parking system, a revolutionaryparking concept solves parking problems by maximizing parking capacity in minimum space. Started in the year 2001, RR Parkon has gained popularity over the years making it one of the most respectable and the largest car parking companies in the industry, with over 1500 completed projects in India and a global outlook servicing clients in Nepal, Myanmar, Uganda & Sri Lanka.

Multilevel Car Parking System - RR Parkon

We have 19 variants of car parking systems where we can optimize twice the space, parking 60 cars in the space of 3. Some of our systems include:

  • Twin Park
  • Tower Park
  • Mini Rotary System
  • Horizontal Circulation
  • Pit Puzzle
  • Cantilever
  • Shuttle Parking
  • Over Ground Puzzle
  • Hydraulic Parking System
  • 3 Level dependent system
  • 3 level independent system

RR Parkon gives an effective answer to all parking problems enabling us to execute over 1200 projects all over India and in 5 countries globally. In the country’s capital we are in the process of completing theworld's largest Puzzle parking system at a single location, that has a capacity of over 2200 cars, for Bharti Realty Limited (Airtel).

We have been associated with some of the largest infrastructure projects across India, however, one of our most sought-after association was with Kanakia Developers with one of their most prestigious projects ‘The Kanakia Wallstreet’. This project is an ensemble of various systems, puzzle parking, stack parking and tower parking, through this system we have parked nearly 600 cars in 20% of the space thereby bringing down construction costs and time for the developer.

An average car park in civil requires 350 sq ft of area at the least, with construction time being 3 to 4 years per project basement parking are most time consuming. Mechanincal car parks on the other hand help reduce this time cycle by 20 – 30%. Additionally, it is a safe and proven way to park as the distance required to drive to reach the parking spot can be dramatically reduced. These systems are user friendly and easy to maintain. RR Parkon has more than 150 service engineers across the country to ensure effective and prompt customer service.